10 Gallon Tank Heater - Bosch 125b Tankless Water Heater.

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Baseboard radiant heaters : Marine propane heater

Baseboard Radiant Heaters

baseboard radiant heaters

    radiant heaters
  • (Radiant heater) Thermal radiation is electromagnetic radiation emitted from a material which is due to the heat of the material, the characteristics of which depend on its temperature.

  • (Radiant Heater) Radiant heaters provide quiet directional heat. The heating element emits infrared heat that travels through the air to heat objects directly. Radiant heaters are best suited to spot heating objects in open or enclosed spaces.

  • A narrow wooden board running along the base of an interior wall

  • Usually wood or vinyl installed around the perimeter of a room to cover the space where the wall and floor meet. A board placed against the wall around a room next to the floor to properly finish between the floor and the plaster.

  • a molding covering the joint formed by a wall and the floor

  • Baseboards run along the wall at the floor. Baseboards should be chosen to work in harmony with your casings to finish and tie the room together. Baseboards are usually thinner than the casing.

Kitchen Remodel - Totally gutted old kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel - Totally gutted old kitchen.

Still not 100 percent finished but getting there. The white appliances and trash can will be replaced with Stainless eventually. Still searching.

This corner was useless in the old kitchen because there was a baseboard heater on the wall. We've installed radiant under the tile so that we could tear out all the old baseboards and maximize wall usage.

9 March, 2007

9 March, 2007

There's going to be quite the punchlist for them to take care of before we "take possession" of the basement. We'll see how much they do before they say they're done.

baseboard radiant heaters

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